A sort of proof of concept game, I guess. I only used RPG Maker MV default assets and I'm sure there are some bugs, but I really wanted to get this done for the 40 hours game jam - and I worked for WAY less than 40 hours, seeing as I slept and did other things besides work on it.

Anyway, I had fun making this and I'm definitely considering fleshing it out into a full game with original art and more content, so even though this is VERY VERY VERY rough, I'm interested in any and all feedback!

If you have any issues with the browser version, there's also a downloadable version!


hurryminiproject.zip 103 MB


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This was great fun! Thanks for making this!

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Hahaha, that was funny to play ! :D

Also when you can take your time at the end to discover all the things you've grabbed is really amusing C:

I'll come back to try to steal some more stuff, and i'd really love to see a full version of this *__* ! 


For bugs/problems encountered the first time :

- at the end, sometimes you can't read the objects' description entirely, it goes beyond the border's limit :'c

- I've played the game in browser-mode and when I was back to the main menu, I accidentally pressed "Escape" once more and it showed me this :

now if I want to restart the game by clicking on "Restore" it keeps showing. Guess it'll work again if I refresh the page :v

EDIT : Soooo, I've played a second time and didn't have those two problems anymore... XD Also I've discovered the speed-up bonus ! Nice ! :D

Thanks for the game ! >u<

Thank you!!!

RE: security error - I honestly have no idea what could've caused this! My best guess is that it has something to do with the way the program handled exporting it as an HTML5 browser game...? I don't think this has happened in the non-browser version. Thanks for letting me know! I'll look into it.